Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Black barbie turned 30?

Who knew that black barbie was this old?  She is just like myself we are some snazzy divas in our 30's. lol. I know most of us grew up playing with barbie dolls and to see that after 3 decades the african american barbie was spotlighted is great.  I found this article with videos and pics of black barbie and different timelines that i thought was interesting if anyone was interested. Its on Vogue online. Here is the link http://www.vogue.it/en/vogue-black/the-black-barbie-issue

Images are from vogue.com

w&w fotd and update

Between blogger acting up and me being on a mini vacay I havnt posted but have been catching up with you lovlies just not able to comment (idk what's wrong with my blogger).

Anyway this post comes from my phone and just a quick fotd using my lovely w&w lippie this thing is fabulous. This is in shade 908c. On the lids is just the nude and brown from the w&w vanity palette. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.