Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Cruise Photos

My family and i took a cruise for spring break and we had the most amazing time wish it would never end. LOL. We visited Mexico, Grand Cayman, Roatan and Belize. There was lots of sun I actually got sunburned bad after falling asleep outside it was so relaxing and nice to get away. The food and views were amazing. Here are some pics of myself and some views. Tons of pics ahead.









Loreal Crayon Grande Lipcolour Pencils

So I was in my local Dollar Tree and stopped by the beauty aisle and to my surprise these awesome pencils were there. I had some of the colourjuice gloss sticks in the pass and i loved them so i decided to pick some of these lipcolours up. I mean for only one buck why not. They had about 12 colors to choose from and here are the ones i picked up.

These are very pigmented thick intense lipcolours. Very rich in formulation and definately will be part of my routine. If you ever see them try them.

Shell - pink milky color
Port - Deep wine color
Suede - neutral flesh tone
French roast - chocolate brown
Sherry - semi metallic copper color
Violet - Deep purple ( reminds me of violetta l/s)
Cayenne - Midtone Orange almost rust like