Friday, July 8, 2011

Mac Semi Precious Haul

These are the items that I managed to get from this collection. When I first saw pics of the items I thought I would want much more but that died down over time.

Here we have golden gaze mes this e/s is gorgoeus its a dirty gold color. I got the 128 brush I was going to get another blush brush anyway and the 234 blending brush. I like the different sides of the brush its different and I was able to use the 128 with cream blush on one side and an msf on the other.

What did you get?


Jenelle said...

That is a pretty color. I'm really like how those brushes look, especially the 128. I've noticed that too...I'll be super excited for a collection prior to the release. Then, when it comes out, I'm like "eh".
Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Hi Jenelle thanks

MizzShake said...

Nice haul, I haven't picked up anything yet. Waiting for my birthday before I go crazy and pick up some items.

Marissa Joy said...

Wow really cool color!